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Psychiatry, Sleep Medicine

& Occupational Mental Health

Jay Sethi, MD, FRCPC, has had the opportunity for serving the severe and persistently mentally ill population, specializing in psychosocial rehabilitation with experience in complex psychopharmacology.  Dr. Sethi worked collaboratively as a part of the interdisciplinary team towards minimizing polypharmacy and optimizing quality of life. He has provided clinical supervision, coaching and mentorship for medical students during their psychiatry electives. 

For over five years, Dr. Sethi is a consultant psychiatrist in various capacities, including collaborating with primary care mental health teams and working with both private and public sectors, such as national corporate, private insurers, employers, and the Canadian Mental Health Association.  Dr. Sethi is a consultant Psychiatrist certified by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, is accredited by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario as a Sleep Medicine Physician and is licensed to practice in Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia. 

Dr. Sethi has an eclectic methodology when integrating evidence based psychopharmacology & psychotherapeutic modalities including mindfulness based therapies, cognitive & behavioral approaches, stress reducing strategies as well as coaching, with the physiological benefits of exercise & optimum nutritional intake. The ultimate focus is to elevate quality of life, improve sleep, enhance day to day functioning, while aiming for peak performance, mental health wellness & preserving prevention of mental/sleep disorders in the forefront.